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Why a caravan is a great investment right now

The humble caravan has come a long way!

What was once a simple purchase in order to buy affordable holidays is now SO much more. They buy you a lifestyle. They buy you entry to the “Big Lap” club. For some they even buy you a permanent home.

What many people don’t really see, is that they’re also a great investment.

The incredible boom in new caravan sales these past two years has many flow-on effects.

Yes, caravan builders now have huge waitlists. But more people are also buying used caravans rather than waiting a year (or more!) for a new build.

What does that mean?

It means caravan prices have not only held steady, in many cases they have increased in value.

Right now, a caravan is a very low-risk investment. As well as being something you will get the use of, and the endless memories and savings you’ll make, you have the security of knowing when you want to sell or trade up, your caravan will hold its value.

Given that your first caravan often results in a love affair and a subsequent upgrade, it’s a smart move to choose a finance company you’ll be happy to work with more than once.

Our mission at Great Escape Finance is to give you the perfect balance of up-to-date industry knowledge and old-fashioned customer service. That’s why many of our clients keep coming back! Check out our testimonials!

Whether you’re looking to invest $10k or $100k in your caravan, we’ve got you covered.

Paul and The Team


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