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Are your personal finances a bit of a $hit$how?

Given that 55% of people don’t know what their current interest rate is, you’re not alone!


With recent increases in interest rates/cauliflower/cabbage/ whatever the latest thing is, NOW is the perfect time to future-proof your outgoings.

No, we’re not suggesting you cut out your daily caffeine fix (because let’s be honest, that’s more for the safety of others around you, right?) hehe.

Q: How much personal debt do you have?

Yes we know that can be a scary thought. But knowledge is power (and money in your pocket).

Whip out your last bank statement, and sit down with a pen and paper (or the Notes app on your iPhone) and let’s get real.

* How much is owing on your credit cards?

* Your car loan?

* Your “Buy Now Pay Later” accounts? (Afterpay, zippay etc)

* Your payday loans?

Did you know, it’s not uncommon to have interest rates of around 20% on these types of lending?? Check your fine print- what’s your interest rate on each one?

If it’s more than 10%, it’s highly likely we can save you a truckload of money.

Otherwise, keep making only the minimum payments required, and it will often take you 30 years and cost tens of thousands of dollars in interest, if not more!

Despite mortgage rate increases, personal loan interest rates haven’t changed a lot.

So it makes sense to consolidate ALL those small, high interest loans and debts into one lump sum at a far lower interest rate.

This is called Debt Consolidation. And it’s a fantastic strategy to help you get ahead.

And if you have what’s called an “unencumbered asset” (which is an asset you own outright with no debt) such as a car, caravan or boat, we may be able to arrange a secured loan for all your smaller debts- which is an even bigger saving!

With the cost of living escalating rapidly, now’s the time to reduce your overheads as much as possible to give yourself some breathing space.

Message us now and let’s get you some extra money in your pocket in time for Christmas.

The Team

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